Joseph Methu on Winning Inaugural Kiambu Open

27 year-old Joseph Methu, an actuarial science student at JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology), has been called a rising star several times in the past with commendable performances against Kenya’s chess elite. Over the last weekend of March, he finally proved his worth by winning

Playing chess at home in Nairobi

New Social Media Accounts for Chess and Cricket

Yesterday, I took the decision to stop posting cricket-related content on my ‘Paras Gudka’ Facebook page so as not to annoy the followers who originally came for chess updates. I also decided not to be a generalist on that page any more. So, the original

At the FIDE Trainers' Seminar in Cairo

My DI Title Has Been Approved

At FIDE, things take so long that I had almost forgotten about the Developmental Instructor (DI) title I qualified for in Cairo last November at the Zone 4.2 Individual Chess Championships. Well, a random vanity search on Google to see if my LinkedIn profile appeared

Practising batting strokes in front of the mirror in my room

Cricket Versus Chess

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have noticed a recent spate in cricket-related updates. If you’re a chess fan who doesn’t really care about cricket and are dismayed by the sheer volume of these tweets, I apologise for this transgression. That said, I


My Chess Plans for 2015

Happy New Year, people! Don’t you just love the freshness a new year brings with it? So many possibilities of starting anew and cleansing one’s memories of past mistakes and failures. For me 2014 was the year I started getting serious about my future. More so


Interview: Alexandra Samaganova on Kyrgyz Chess Culture

For my last chess interview of 2014, I present to you a conversation with the beautiful, talented and multilingual Alexandra Samaganova, Kyrgyzstan’s second-highest rated (2022) female player and the reigning women’s national champion. What I find most fascinating about her story is that she is able


Interview: GM Bassem Amin, Egypt and Africa’s Top Chess Player

GM Bassem Amin is Egypt’s highest-rated (2634) and Africa’s top chess player. His most recent success came at the 2014 Africa Zone 4.2 Individual Chess Championships held in Cairo last month where I was attending the FIDE trainers’ seminar. Pinning him down for a face-to-face interview proved